AB and Tahltan Nation Development Corp. (TNDC) has entered into an agreement to establish TNDC as a distributor of mining equipment, parts, tools and digital solutions in North West British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

The mining industry in Northwestern British Columbia and the Yukon Territory has experienced rapid growth and increased investment over the past few years. Newcrest Mining Ltd., Seabridge Gold Inc., Skeena Resources and others are actively developing the remote but high-potential Golden Triangle – a world-class mining jurisdiction with an exploration industry. minerals thrive. Yukon also has great potential for future projects. As the district grows, TNDC focuses on ensuring participation and positioning for sustainable economic activity in the surrounding community.

TNDC serves the areas of resource exploration, mine development, mining, construction, forestry, electricity and infrastructure, and creates employment, training and contracting opportunities for Tahltans. TNDC is an Aboriginal community business in Northwest British Columbia, established in 1985 to enable the Nation of Tartan to participate fully in the economic activity and development taking place in the Tartan area, which covers 11% of the area. province, Consists of parts of the Yukon Territory and contains 70% of the Golden Triangle B.C.

“TNDC is ’s perfect partner in this rapidly growing region,” said Peter Corcoran, CEO of Canada. “ is committed to continuous improvement in the field of sustainability, including the economic sustainability of the communities surrounding the mining activities in which is involved, and TNDC has proven they are very capable of delivering. this value to the community.”

“The future of mining lies in technology and sustainability. Combining the industry’s prospects with our upcoming fiber optic expansion in the region, TNDC looks forward to being at the forefront by partnering with . ‘s expertise in safety, quality, their global reputation for performance, outstanding customer service and commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability through equitable relationships with Aboriginal people make them a great partner of TNDC for innovation for the Tahltans, local indigenous communities and all residents of the region,” said TNDC CEO Paul Gruner.

According to Dany Gaudreault, ‘s Canadian Indigenous Project Manager, it was clear from the outset that TNDC had the experience and ability to bring mining equipment to the Golden Triangle area and support its development into a world-class mining jurisdictions. “Tahltan has proven itself and we strongly believe that this new partnership between TNDC and will bring significant value to the mines in the region.”

From 1st February 2022, TNDC offers full range of mining products, including aboveground and underground rigs, excavators and underground trucks, stationary crushers and screens, solutions digital and automation, rock drilling tools and components.

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