Vancouver-based Stillwater Critical Minerals reported a 62% increase in its latest mineral resource estimate for Stillwater West’s platinum, nickel, copper, cobalt and gold grouping project in Montana. , USA.

The study showed a significant increase in tonnage and metal containment at the bulk load limit of 0.20% nickel equivalent and a higher bulk load limit of 0.35% nickel equivalent.

Launch of the first high-grade selectively mined composition with a limit grade of 0.70% nickel equivalent.

The Stillwater West project currently has Base Inferred Mineral Resources with 1.6 billion pounds of nickel, copper, and cobalt and 3.8 million ounces of palladium, platinum, rhodium and gold (4E), graded averages totaling 0.39% in a limited model totaling 255 million tons Nickel equivalent recovery (or 1.19 g/t palladium equivalent).

In the base case of 0.20% nickel equivalent, Stillwater reported a significant increase in the amount of metals included in the 2021 study. Nickel rose 52% to £1.05 billion, copper increased 44% to £1.05 billion. 499 million pounds, cobalt up 31% to 91 million ounces, palladium up 56% to 2.05 million ounces, platinum up 66% to 1.26 million ounces, gold up 30% to 395,000 ounces and rhodium up 76% to 115,000 ounce.

Selectively mined premium ingredients produced 11.6 million tons with 1.05% total nickel equivalent to 0.56% nickel, 0.33% copper, 0.03% cobalt, 0.54 g/t palladium and 0.27% g/t platinum, 0.15 g/t gold and 0.019 g/t rhodium. This high-grade composition expansion is due to an increase in high-grade mineralization encountered during the 2021 drilling campaign.

Stillwater reports 2.27 billion pounds of chromium in stock. Chromium is identified by the United States government as an important mineral.

“We are very pleased with the resource expansion in 2023, resulting in significant increases in tonnage and metal content, as well as the addition of premium components. Taken together, these developments This increase demonstrates Michael’s incredible growth potential and untapped potential, said President and CEO, Stillwater West. nature project and our ability to rapidly grow assets. resources of these large areas with low discovery costs through targeted extensive drilling Raleigh.

“Our Stillwater West project, with world-class resources of eight key minerals, is a unique regional asset in the United States in an active manufacturing region with a long history of large-scale production of important minerals The United States government recognized the importance of minerals to our economy and national security As we develop Stillwater West and demonstrate its potential, we are doing more to secure a domestic supply of these vital metals.. discovery fee is low when we complete the next expansion in 2023.”

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