1、 Overview of industrial chain

Sand and gravel are collectively referred to as sand and gravel. Because of their good hardness and stable chemical properties, they are often used as high-quality building materials and concrete raw materials in houses, roads, highways, railways, engineering and other fields. The upstream of the sand and gravel industry includes raw materials, related machinery and equipment, blasting materials, etc. The middle reaches are the processing links of sand and gravel, and the downstream is mainly used in infrastructure construction, housing construction and other fields.

Sand and gravel industry chain

Source: Zhiyan Consulting

2、 Upstream industry

Sand and gravel are mainly divided into natural sand and machine-made sand and gravel according to their sources. Natural sand and stone are mainly river sand and sea sand in nature. Machine made sand refers to the rock particles with the particle size less than 4.75mm that are mechanically broken and screened after soil removal. About 200 kinds of ore materials can be used to produce machine-made sand, including common cobbles, river pebbles, bluestones, granite, etc. In recent years, due to environmental considerations, the exploitation of natural river sand is limited; The mining of sand and stone ores has also entered the rectification stage, and a batch of non-standard, inefficient and small-scale enterprises have been eliminated. The number of sand and stone mines on the list nationwide has decreased from 56032 in 2013 to 15730 in 2019.

Number of sand and gravel aggregate mines registered nationwide from 2013 to 2019

Source: China Association of Sand and Gravel, Zhiyan Consulting

As for the relevant sand making equipment required by the sand and gravel industry, its market scale is growing rapidly. In 2019, the market scale of sand and gravel crushing and screening equipment in China reached 25.3 billion yuan, with an increase of more than 200% in the decade.

2009-2019 Market scale of sand and gravel crushing and screening equipment in China

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